The Arkansas Urban Forestry Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to “Helping Build Healthy Communities With Trees.” The following groups, organizations and agencies have similar goals and can also provide you with quality information concerning trees.


Arkansas Forestry Association

Arkansas Forestry Commission

Cooperative Extension Service, University of Arkansas

Keep Arkansas Beautiful

Tree Streets

Arkansas Forest Resources Center Arkansas

UAM Spatial Analysis Lab

UAM School of Forest Resources

City of Little Rock Urban Forestry

UA Coop. Ext. Service Natural Resources

Garvan Woodland Gardens, UA Botanical Garden

Winthrop Rockefeller Institute

Other States-

Alabama Urban Forestry Association

California Urban Forests Council

Colorado Tree Coalition

Florida Urban Forestry Council

Georgia Urban Forest Council

Kentucky Urban Forest Council

Louisiana Urban Forest Council

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota Shade Tree Advisory Committee

Mississippi Urban Forest Council

North Carolina Urban Forest Council

Oklahoma Urban and Community Forestry Council

South Carolina Urban & Community Forestry Council

South Dakota Urban Forestry

Tennessee Urban Forestry Council

Texas Urban Forestry Council

Virginia Urban Forestry Council


American Forest

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

ISA Southern Region

National Arbor Day Foundation

Tree Care Industry Association

National Urban Forestry Council

Natural Heritage

Society of Municipal Arborists

USDA Forest Service

US Forest Service Southern Region


Trees Are Good

USDA Forest Service – Southern Research Station – Publications

USDA Forest Service – Southern Region

Forestry Images

What You Need to Know About Forestry

Virginia Tech Tree ID

Forest and Shade Tree Pathology

Tree and Shrub Insects

Tree Diseases

All About Trees

USDA Forest Service Urban & Community Forestry

Urban forestry

USDA Forest Service – tools for assessing and managing community forests

Southern center for Wildland-Urban Interface Research & Information

Tree fact sheets


Grassroots Liason: Rachel Buice, Columbus, GA


Alliance for Community Trees (ACT)

Institute for Conservative Leadership (ICL)

The Illinois River Watershed Partnership

Oak Membership-

Arborjet, Inc

BioForest Technologies, Inc

Minick Materials, Inc

Hickory Membership-

Fulgham’s, Inc

Pine Membership-

Arkansas Forestry Association

The Tree Marshall

UA Division of Agriculture Research & Extension Cooperative Extension Service